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DEF! Amityville Inspired Haunted House

235 prims empty & 313 prims furnished (No Modify/Copy/No Transfer)

DEF! is proud to bring to you this new version of the Amityville Inspired Haunted House
Exit the clean version, when you’ll step into this house, you’ll experience what happens in the famous horror movie : spooky ambience, frightening sounds, bleeding walls, flies invasion, ghosts … Will you dare moving in ?
You can visit it in-world here : DEF! Amityville Haunted House

Includes :
– 235 prims for the Walls and Floors (linked) + Stairs and Doors (non-linked)
and 78 prims of various furnitures  :
– Crime scene tape
– 3 Blood Stained Rugs
– 3 Haunted Portraits
– 2 Bookcases
– Clock blocked on 3:15 (when touched, it plays a loop from The Amityville Horror soundtrack by Lalo Schifrin)
– Closet (When touched, the door opens and a Ghoul appears sayin “Get Out!”)
– Chest (Look inside, It’s looking at you)
– Haunted Mirror (Jodie appears randomly)
– Ventilation Grate With Flies And Bees + Buzz Sound
– Curtains
– Documents On The Floor (About The Amityville Horror)
– Animated TV (shows a trailer of The Amityville Horror 2005 remake)
– Filthy Toilets And Bath with dripping tap

You can learn more about the Amityville Story by clicking on the documents and bookcases in the house …
For any question, please contact Def Lean

Hope You’ll Enjoy …

Here are some pics of the house: