DEF! Tattoo / Affliction

DEF! Affliction Tattoo

DEF! Mainstore

5 Responses to “DEF! Tattoo / Affliction”

  1. DEF! been lookin at the affliction tattoo and im gonna get it done on me! but i need the propper thing, like the transfer as soon as possible i go back to camp on sunday and wana show it off .. il take some pictures of it for your blog to promote it too if you can send me the sketch of just the tattoo !! its the chestpiece i need thanks man!!!! ry

  2. That chest peice is ill. I want that chest peice done on my back if you could send me a stencil or transfer or something that would be great. Thanks DEF.

  3. The position is on my chest. What? Your brilliant work. I read the previous two post and they mentioned a stencil or transfer; is that possible to order one? If so, how can we make this happen. I appreciate your artistry. Man I want to get this taken care of tomorrow, lol.



  4. eddy lameize Says:

    hello i am eddy from belgieum; and i want to now if you can send me a stencil or complete pictures from the tatoo because i want it on my chest

    kindly regards eddy

  5. Definitely hit me up with a sketch of that tattoo ! You are quite an awesome artist. I’d love to have the sketches of the sleeves and the chest!

    You need to create a gallery for this stuff instead of just placing it on models, but i’m sure you are banking the cash on second life because of it too! Makes me want to try the game out, ha.

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